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Puerto Rico Secretary of Public Affairs gives update on current situation

Puerto Rico Secretary of Public Affairs gives update on current situation

(September 26, 2017 – San Juan) The Secretary of Public Affairs and Public Policy, Ramón Rosario Cortés, announced that federal agents commenced yesterday an initiative to escort trucks to supply gas stations.

Rosario Cortés indicated that since Monday, 91 trucks started to supply gas and that 108 stations already have security provided by the National Guard and police of Puerto Rico.

The Secretary explained that “With both state and federal operatives, today 23 trucks of Puma and 22 trucks of Total have started to replenish gas and more will be on their way.

The“crudita” was exempted ($3.25 per barrel) for diesel specifically to areas such as hospitals, dialysis centers and municipalities.

The General Services Administration is already supplying gas to the municipalities of Loíza, San Juan, Cataño, Manatí, Canóvanas, Luquillo, Guayama, Guaynabo, Barceloneta, Aguas Buenas, Naranjito, Mayagüez, Ponce, Guayama and Manatí.

He also informed that any municipality can get diesel and gas in the establishments of ASG located in San Juan, Mayagüez, Ponce, Guayama and Manatí.

The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) reported that the San Juan power plant stopped working, which eliminated the power that already had been reestablished in the metro area. Additionally, a special team is working to reestablish services today or tomorrow.

In the meantime, efforts are made to strengthen the generation system that was already weak before the storm and was affected with the hurricane. Work is on the way to energize Aguirre that would help the region and add power as Mayaguez and metro area.

Meanwhile, it will be a priority to work with the airport, port, pump station of The Department of Natural & Environmental Resources (DNER) located at the Baldorioty, Doctor’s Hospital located in Santurce, Minillas building, Mayagüez Medical Center and Ashford Hospital.

It will be a priority to work with the airport, ports, house of pumps Department of Natural Resources, Torres and Nemesio Canales, Mayagüez city center and local hospital, including nearby communities.

Rosario Cortés informed that the Department of Housing and Community Development will be offering the supply of water to the municipalities as Barranquitas, Morovis, Coamo, Utuado, Humacao, Adjuntas, Comerío y San Germán. The national guard organized several food drives for the municipalities of San Sebastián, Morovis, Yauco and the airport”.

This afternoon the governor Ricardo Rosselló Nevares and the president of Senate will visit Utuado and Jayuya and will supply food and water.

Additionally, the Secretary of Public Affairs reminded that “Ley Seca” will continue in effect during the whole 24 hours. On the other hand, the curfew will continue from 7:00 p.m. to 5:00 a. m. The police have arrested a total of 43 persons for “Ley Seca” and other 11 individuals for curfew violation for a total of 36.

To date, it has been confirmed that 11,437 individuals and 116 pets are still in 179 refugee centers; they are suppling water and food to these center. The secretary of Public Affairs reminded affected citizens that aid is provided thru mayors and not at the Emergency Operations Center.

The Governor said that “government employees should report to their work stations. Government employees and corporations should report to their nearby headquarters. If these are not operational, they should report to the Emergency Operations Center located in nearby municipalities, where their mayor will inform them where to receive aid”.

Rosario Cortés added that “personnel working in school cafeterias and food stores, school teachers and directors should report to their work stations to help in school repairs. If any school has water service, it should open its doors to serve as an oasis for nearby communities that still do not have service”.

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