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Puerto Rico Governor Rosselló Announces Disbursement of HUD Funds

Puerto Rico Governor Rosselló Announces Disbursement of HUD Funds

San Juan, Puerto Rico – Governor Ricardo Rosselló Nevares announced that the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) authorized the disbursement and use of funds approved through the first Action Plan of the Community Development Program with Determined Subsidy for Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR).

The announcement grants access to the $1.5 billion approved in the first Action Plan.

"During the past months both the Puerto Rico Department of Housing, and its secretary, Fernando Gil Enseñat, have worked hard to present the work plans and comply with all the parameters and requirements established by HUD. This notification certainly represents an endorsement of the work we have been doing as an administration. In addition to being a sign of confidence and credibility for the performance we have shown since day one”, said Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló.

The Secretary of the Puerto Rico Department of Housing, Fernando Gil Enseñat, was extremely pleased with the notification of the Federal Housing Department, "Our administration remains focused and committed to the recovery of Puerto Rico. Specifically, three notifications were received from HUD where eighty percent of the funds are released after the state Department of Housing met the conditions established in the ‘Grant Agreement’ signed by the Governor and Ben Carson in the month of September.”

“We thank the Administration, Secretary Carson and his team for their confidence in the processes and work of the Government of Puerto Rico”, added Secretary Gil Enseñat.

Likewise, it was detailed that the use of the Yardi financial program was approved through a non-competitive purchasing process which allows managing funds with an existing system while saving millions of dollars, all while shortening the time to ensure that the money arrives as quickly as possible to the Puerto Rican people.

In addition, the use of the energy efficient construction standard or "Green Permit" was approved.

"Since Puerto Rico suffered the worst hurricane in U.S. history, we have embarked on a long road to recovery, working hard and working hand in hand with all sectors to ensure that the island achieves the reconstruction it needs. On behalf of all Puerto Ricans, I appreciate the commitment, dedication and guidance of all those who have been part of this effort”, said Governor Rosselló.