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Governor Wanda Vázquez discusses issues related to health and education in the federal capital

Governor Wanda Vázquez discusses issues related to health and education in the federal capital

(September 9, 2019, Washington DC) - Governor Wanda Vázquez met today with officials from the Federal Department of Education and the US Department of Health.

Vázquez, in the company of Dr. Rafael Rodríguez, Secretary of Puerto Rico’s Department of Health, met with members of the US Department of Health. The first executive cataloged the meeting as fruitful and pointed out that federal health officials were receptive and positive about the approaches presented.

“I appreciate the openness and interest of US Department of Health officials to hear our approaches related to the needs in the health sector in Puerto Rico. I hope this first meeting will result in a joint effort for the benefit of all Puerto Ricans, ”said the governor.

On his part, Rodríguez expressed that "this visit to the federal capital with our Governor is paying off for Puerto Rico. We have held discussions with senior officials of the federal health agencies about the importance of the allocation of Medicaid funds and all the fiscal controls that we have already implemented to have transparency in the use of federal funds destined to the health of our citizens on the island ”.

During the meetings, aspects related to natural disaster response programs, intellectual disability, centers 3-30, programs for the elderly, mental health, prevention of opioid use, renal dialysis, among other important issues were also discussed to raise more federal funds for Puerto Rico.

The Governor also held a meeting with officials from the US Department of Education, with whom she discussed the status of the Restart funds for issues related to school safety, services and improvements, among other priority issues in education.

“For this administration, it is important that initiatives aimed at improving the public education system are carried out quickly. In our visit, we have as a priority the transparency in the use of federal funds, as well as the good management of the resources provided at the federal level,” said the Vázquez.

Meanwhile, the Secretary of the Department of Education, Eligio Hernández, said he was pleased with the efforts made together in the federal capital to ensure that the educational services offered on the Island have an optimal level.

"We have had the opportunity to discuss with the US Department of Education officials part of the work that we have begun to do to improve our education system," said the head of education.