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Governor Rosselló announces shipment of supplies to British Virgin Islands

Governor Rosselló announces shipment of supplies to British Virgin Islands

(September 13, 2017 – La Fortaleza, San Juan) Governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rosselló, informed that Puerto Rico will send three planes to the British Virgin Islands to deliver essential supplies after the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma.

Over the past few days the recovery effort has not been limited to the 78 municipalities in Puerto Rico, but the Government has also helped in the process of repatriation and evacuation of 1,897 people—mostly American citizens—from Saint Thomas and Saint Martin.

The initiative emerged after Governor Rosselló spoke with British entrepreneur Richard Branson—founder of Virgin Group—who is helping in the recovery of the British Virgin Islands.

Branson came to Puerto Rico in order to seek help since there is no electric service or Internet connection in the British Virgin Islands.

For the movement of supplies, the Government of Puerto Rico has the collaboration of the private company Seaborne—an airline that has been offering humanitarian aid to the sister islands for several days—and Caribbean Flyers planes.

The approximately 8 thousand pounds of supplies were largely donated by the private sector, including companies such as the supermarket chain Econo.

Branson thanked the collaboration of the governor and the Government of Puerto Rico.

The British businessman said that the governor “has been really helpful.” “I’ve spoken to him two or three times today. If we need the National Guard from here to help over there, he’s willing to supply them. If we need food, he’s willing to supply it. It’s been fantastic,” he expressed to a local digital media outlet (News Is My Business).

Likewise, Branson noted that, “Puerto Rico has been fantastic. You’ve got your own problems, but your governor has just been… anytime I ring him, straightaway he answers the phone and puts me on to people who are trying to help. I’m really grateful and appreciative of that.”