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Governor of Puerto Rico thanks Massachusetts for helping during the recovery of the Island

Governor of Puerto Rico thanks Massachusetts for helping during the recovery of the Island

(December 12, 2017 - Boston, Massachusetts) The governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rosselló, thanked the governor of Massachusetts, Charlie Baker and the mayor of Boston, Martin Walsh, today for helping the Island following Hurricane Maria.

"Governor Baker has been a great friend to me personally and to the people of Puerto Rico, offering advice prior to the storm and offering response immediately after the storm. With empathy also comes action and I want all the constituents to know that governor Baker has been providing action and helping the people of Puerto Rico," said the chief executive.

He also thanked mayor Walsh for receiving the people of Puerto Rico who have left the Island after the impact of recent atmospheric events.

There are currently 303 hotel rooms occupied by Puerto Ricans in this state through the Transitional Sheltering Assistance (TSA) Program.

Additionally, the mayor of Boston said that "when these devastations happen in Puerto Rico, and in many of the Caribbean islands, the people of Boston and the people of the Commonwealth step up. In Boston we have the second largest Puerto Rican population of any other city in the United States of America. We’re proud of our roots in Puerto Rico, of our connection with Puerto Rico. We’re going to continue to work with you.”

During his visit, governor Rosselló also emphasized the impact Hurricanes Irma and Maria had on the Island, the most catastrophic and devastating natural disasters in the modern history of the United States.

"Prior to that we had some challenges in the economic front as I assumed office earlier this year, as well as in the fiscal front, and those challenges still remain. Now, as we start going away from the emergency phase in Puerto Rico and start reaching normalcy, the next important step is for us to rebuild stronger, better, and smarter than ever before,” said Rosselló.

Likewise, the governor of Puerto Rico sought the support of all American citizens for two critical issues for the success of the recovery of the Island: the federal tax reform and the supplementary project for recovery.

"The tax reform does not include Puerto Rico, neither in the Senate version nor in the House version. Not including Puerto Rico means treating Puerto Rico as a foreign country. It means that you will levy another tax on top of Puerto Rico which, under the current situation, is already in dire economic distress. This will be an even heavier burden that will impact half of our economy, 25 percent of our workforce, and 30 percent of our revenue streams," said the chief executive.

He added that "what we’re asking for is equal treatment for the American citizens of Puerto Rico, to those in Texas, Florida, California, US Virgin Islands, so that we can have the opportunity to rebuild better and stronger than before. If we get that, I am sure that we will be on a path to rebuilding a stronger, more resilient Puerto Rico."

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