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Governor of Puerto Rico sympathizes with the March for Our Lives

Governor of Puerto Rico sympathizes with the March for Our Lives

(March 24, 2018) The Governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rosselló expressed his solidarity with the March for Our Lives held today in San Juan, and other similar events for awareness on the need to establish better control of firearms in the United States.

“Here in Puerto Rico, we have some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation. We are fortunate to say that we have never had a mass shooting at any of our schools. But this is not enough. My Administration is taking steps to further prevent gun violence and guns from making it into the hands of criminals. Our task at home is not yet complete and we must stand with every child in America as we demand common sense gun control”, said Rosselló.

The governor, who is away from the Island at the moment, congratulated the citizens who marched today in San Juan in solidarity with families whose lives have been marked by violence.

He thanked the Secretary of State, Luis Rivera Marín, for organizing the event, and boxing champion Felix "Tito" Trinidad whom along other amateur boxers participated and showed their support to the cause.

“Our children are the future of this nation and they are being gunned down in school hallways across the United States. This has happened for far too long. Sadly, many of us are starting to believe that this as a new normal. Parents and students alike wake up fearing that their school could be next. There are some groups that tell people that these shootings are inevitable and claim that any change will make this problem worse. Tragedy after tragedy, the people elected to lead and protect us have chosen special interests over the lives of our children", said the governor of Puerto Rico.

Rosselló indicated that "today we join our brothers and sisters across the nation in demanding Washington take action”.

“No 18-year-old should be able to own a gun and no individual should be able to own a weapon of mass destruction, such as an AR-15. We also need stronger background checks. These are common sense reforms. Gun safety and gun control are not partisan issues”, added the Governor.

“As we march today, we honor all the kids that have died in their schools while just trying to receive an education. And today we honor their family and friends whose lives were forever altered by these awful school-shootings”, he concluded.

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