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Governor of Puerto Rico Ricardo Rosselló meets Senators Rubio, Johnson, and Murphy

Governor of Puerto Rico Ricardo Rosselló meets Senators Rubio, Johnson, and Murphy

(June 27, 2017 – Washington, DC) Governor of Puerto Rico Ricardo Rosselló met today with Senator Marco Rubio (R-Florida) and thanked him for his effort to achieve the inclusion of Puerto Rico in the allocation project as well as for the $296 million identified for Medicaid. He also thanked the appeal of the Senator for the participation of the people Puerto Rico in the past plebiscite where statehood prevailed with 97% of the votes.

The chief executive attended the meeting along with the executive director of the Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration (PRFAA), Carlos Mercader, and reiterated the importance of obtaining a permanent solution for the Medicaid funds for Puerto Rico.

Senator Rubio, for his part, committed to continue supporting Puerto Rico on the healthcare matter.

“I appreciate the openness of Senator Rubio to listen to the concerns of the American citizens residing in Puerto Rico. Our island has an ally in the United States Senate with Senator Rubio,” expressed the chief executive.

Earlier, the governor and the PRFAA director met with Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin), president of the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs in the Senate.

The chief executive used the opportunity to explain to the Senator the importance of considering Puerto Rico as a Caribbean frontier of the United States, to guarantee that the federal government continues dedicating law and order resources against crime and drug trafficking. Johnson indicated that the Committee will be evaluating the matter and the possibility of celebrating a hearing in the future.

Furthermore, the Governor and the PRFAA Director met with Senator Chris Murphy (D-Connecticut).

During the meeting, they discussed the importance of dealing with the Medicaid fiscal cliff, keeping ties between Puerto Rico and Connecticut, as well as the importance of dealing with the issue of the territorial status of Puerto Rico.

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