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Government of Puerto Rico announces publication of recruitment call for an inspector general

Government of Puerto Rico announces publication of recruitment call for an inspector general

(January 12, 2018 - Kissimmee, Florida) The governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rosselló, announced that in order to recruit the best possible talent at the local, national, or international level, a general call has been published to receive applications from candidates interested in directing the Office of the Inspector General.

The purpose of this office will be to ensure that government institutions provide quality services to the general public with transparency and without corruption.

"The inspector general will be in charge of preparing recommendations that promote the economy and efficiency of public administration. In addition, it will serve as a filter to detect fraud and mismanagement of public funds, so that the people of Puerto Rico can fully trust that public funds are used efficiently and effectively," said the governor.

Since the approval of the act introduced by Rosselló, which creates the Office of the Inspector General, the Government has stated that it will have zero tolerance for corruption.

To this end, the penalties for certain crimes of illegal appropriation of public funds were increased and the Government Anti-Corruption Code was created in order to eliminate the privilege of probation for certain crimes related to public management.

Rosselló informed that "we are publishing an open call on local and national media so that candidates who meet the requirements by law can express their availability to hold that important position. We want to recruit the most prepared and respected person on this issue of government management.”

Candidates who are interested must submit the application for evaluation. This appointment will also require confirmation from the Puerto Rico House of Representatives and Senate.

Additionally, those who are interested must submit a formal application that must include their curriculum vitae and a cover letter. They must also meet the criteria of education, experience, absence of conflicts of interest, and references.

Among the requirements it has been established that the person must be over 30 years of age, of recognized professional ability and moral probity, and with extensive knowledge on audits, public administration, and government management, according to Act 15-2017, as amended. Similarly, the candidate must master the Spanish language.

Applications must be submitted by e-mail to For additional information, candidates may call (787) 721-7000, extension 2302.

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